How do we do it.

At Mango tree we understand the ingredients of your memorable experience. We care about the journey of your delicious food,as we enjoy the pleasure of hospitality, as much as you enjoy in experiencing.
We choose our vegetable from the local grocer every morning. Your breads is baked every other morning and has travelled less than a mile. Your mushrooms come from “Not waste” and Urban farming initiative behind our restaurant premises.

Our Values

We choose our suppliers who share the same values as us when it comes to sustainability and quality. We want to know where Your ingredients come from. We are pleased to support local farmers. Your take away containers are Bagasse (sugarcane pulp) completely bio degradable. Where possible we customise the food to suit the individual’s special dietary requirement. More than 50% of our menu is Gluten free. We like that most of our staff walk or cycle to work. We buy small amounts to keep it fresh.

Your dining, Your kitchen Your memories, Our new services offer food to enjoy at your premises, homes, and Our chef will be happy to put together your menu. The Mango tree can be your kitchen, and an extension of your dining rooms. Mango tree upstairs is available for small private dinners. events, meetings, and celebrations.

Food Waste

Keeping our food waste as low as possible is a huge priority for us. Providing food that is completely fresh to our customers whilst also ensuring there is never any leftover at the end of the day can be a challenge.
We give away everyday leftover soup to Lindley house, the home for homeless on the East reach. In our kitchen we inevitably have food waste, mainly in the form the vegetable trimmings (cauliflower leaves and roots or red pepper stems). Just because we can't use this in our finished products doesn't mean it should go to waste. And so, this goes to Taunton Urban farming a company dedicated to working towards a circular economy. Urban farming turns our vegetable trimmings to compost to grow their mushroom. They also turn all our food waste into fertiliser for farms. This means we have considerably reduced our food waste going into incineration or landfill.
We are working towards no food waste

0 Vegan in U.K
0 Million animals killed per day
0 Billion tons of CO2 released
0 grams of meat consumed per person per day
Our Staff

Prem Rao

Director operations.

I am grateful that i am able to pursue my passion of hospitality and the love of food through the Mango tree. Humbled to have had the opportunity to travel around the world and to be of service to some of the world leaders through my previous career. It is a privilege to make people feel good through our warm hospitality, a heathy delicious food that could help environment as well.

Jean Louise Nevilham

Our Wine Consultant and buyer of Vegan wines

Parisian by birth, and Provencal by heart, lucky to have Jean Louis’s association as His quest to find great wines, sake & spirits to his clients is well known in London circles.. Earning his diploma from world-renowned Tain l’Hermitage, and certified by the International Court of Sommeliers as well as one of a handful of holders of the Sake Educator certificate


Head Chef

Karen Kheir

Restaurant Manager

Happy Customers